Run Your Car On Water

"If You Would Like To DOUBLE Your Mileage And Discover How People Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars, Then This Could Be The Most Important Thing You Have Ever Read..."

WATER + GAS? It's no longer science fiction...


This Technology Works and has been proven over and over again! DO NOT Listen to the Naysayers who try to tell you differently!

Now Available To The General Public

Have You Noticed Gas Prices Going Up Again? Find out how you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have the newest Hybrid technology available today while cleaning your engine inside, and cutting emissions outside PLUS you'll be getting the benefit of SAVING MONEY on gas at the same time!

And all you need to do is JUST ADD WATER!

  • Easy to install, complete system fits almost any car!
  • Uses water and your battery to save Huge Dollars every month!
  • Some users have DOUBLED their mileage (and better!) even though they drive big Vehicles!
  • Little Known Fact: Water Safely Stores an Enormous Amount of Energy Just Waiting To Be Freed Like A Tiger in your Tank. YOU will hold the KEY By the Time You're Done reading This!
  • Works with BOTH Fuel Injection and Carburetors, Cleaning Out The gunk and sludge while it steam cleans your engine and reduces emissions- ideal for reducing Global Warming!
  • New Cars, Old Cars, Hot Cars, Cold Cars - It works with all!
  • Tens of Thousands of People around the world are Using this technology Right Now as you read this, and are smiling all the way to the bank!
  • The IRS offers alternative energy deductions for Hydrogen in your Car! Find out how...
If after reading this page you still fell like you need to know more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

How Does This Thing Work?

HHO graphic It operates on a 100 year old proven technology called electrolysis.

Whenever you place two pieces of metal in water, and apply electricity, the water separates into it's basic molecules, Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O).

If you look at the picture on the left, you will see H2O molecules connected together in their liquid form which is WATER

But when you apply electricity (from your car battery), the molecules separate and form a GAS (called HHO) which is a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

This HHO GAS is then sucked into your engine and mixed along with the air from the air filter. As the gasoline is ignited in your engine, the HHO GAS is too, making it MORE powerful than gasoline alone.

This is MUCH BETTER than Just Plain Hydrogen because you are also making extra Oxygen which causes the gasoline to burn FASTER and CLEANER resulting in BETTER mileage and a much CLEANER EXHAUST!


The GREAT NEWS, is that you can easily put together a system like below, using commonly available plumbing and electrical parts from your local Home Improvement center, and be SAVING GAS right away!

Can I Really Double My Mileage With This?

YES You Can! It does work - and extremely well if you have the right system. People all over the world are building and installing these HHO generators in their cars and getting consistent mileage increases of 30%-50% (and some are even DOUBLING their mileage and more)!

fuel gaugeWhat if you could Suddenly be getting 35 or 40 MPG instead of just 17 or 21 MPG? How much money could you be saving to use for other things? Obviously, results vary on the type of car you drive. But make no mistake about it - if you build it like I show you, you WILL save gas, just like these people have done:

98 van"-I have a '98 Ford Van with a 5.8 liter engine that sucks the gas at 10 MPG. I put TWO generators in it and now get 22.8 MPG! Thats about 123% increase!"

-Tom B. Canton, OH

blue honda"-My 2007 Honda went from 33 MPG to over 85MPG on the highway ! That's better than a Hybrid and a lot cheaper too.

-Cory R. New Jersey

FREE Yourself from the Greedy Oil Companies and Useless Politicians!

You're probably reading this and wondering why in the world this isn't being put into every car being made in America and around the world? Good Question! And if I wasn't so cynical, I'd say it was because they just haven't heard about this breakthrough energy producer yet. But this technology has been around for almost a Hundred Years!

Can I let you in on a dirty little secret? They don't really want cars to get too much mileage. Why? They say it might ruin our economy and send oil prices plummeting!It could destabilize the middle east (like it's not already?). Then who would buy their expensive lunches and take them on trips? Poor babies - don't you feel sorry for them?

They Had A Chance To Give Us A 200 MPG Carburetor!

HAVE you heard of the Man who Invented the 200 MPG Carburetor and the Oil Companies Started doing this ONE THING to render it useless...?

What did they do? You won't believe it! Keep reading and I'll tell you how they prevented you and me from enjoying high mileage vehicles, and how they want to do it again - BUT CAN'T!

The US Has spent ...importing fossil fuel  

Truth is, we can no longer wait for these guys to get honest and do the right thing. The wars we are fighting and our dependence on foreign oil will ruin us if we don't act fast! The auto industry is taking its time releasing higher mileage cars - at this rate it will take another 40 years!

Until these issues are resolved the Hybrid Water Power System is the only way to provide your car with Hydrogen On Demand – as you need it. There’s no need for dangerous storage tanks.  Because the hydrogen is produced On-Demand, this technology is perfectly safe for you and your passengers.  Thousands of satisfied customers have used this technology for years and it’s been proven both extremely SAFE and Reliable.

Tthe GREAT NEWS is that you can have the technology right now and put it in your car, and start saving gas right away! You can SAVE the Planet and You can SAVE Money just by using water in our innovative device.

Hybrid Water Power Is GREAT For the Environment!

The Environment is strained and getting worse everyday. Whether you believe man is responsible for it or not is no longer the issue. The truth is we need to act Responsibly and Quickly to do our part to fix it. We need every way available to manage our environment and develop practical solutions.

Our Hybrid Water Power System is the perfect solution!

  • Hybrid Water Power Can Help Clean up the Air by reducing emissions dramatically! Some users have dropped their emissions so low, they didn't have to replace a previously failed catalytic converter!

  • These systems are Easy and Fast To Install. You can put one in your car in as little as 2-3 hours!

  • You can be the first on your block to easily convert your car into a "Water Hybrid"- using a flex fuel! In fact it's the SAFEST Flex fuel because Hydrogen turns back into water when it combusts!You can lead by example!

  • Water is the most abundant element available to man! These units use less than a liter of water a week to save 20-30 gallons of gas a month (or more!)

  • Increase your mileage by 20%-50% or more for just a few hundred dollars. That's cheaper than an electric Hybrid with better results! Why spend $3000-$4000 more for only 4 MPG increase?

  • Lower your engine temperature because the fuel burns faster- less heat is transferred to the block.

  • Lowers emissions dramatically! So clean you almost don't need the catalytic converter (which makes it last longer- saving you replacement costs). The by-product of using HHO gas is WATER!


There is so much Hydrogen NATURALLY stored in Water (which is why we refer to them as Water Hybrids), it's hard to believe manufacturers have not started installing HHO Generators in ALL of their cars. Here is one of our YouTube Videos showing how SIMPLE it is to create On-Demand Hydrogen using just water and a car battery..

So Is This Safe To Use?

BMW hydrogen carYES! Our hybridwaterpower Is some of the safest technology out there! While old school researchers continue to try and figure out how to fit a 10,000 psi tank into your car to store compressed hydrogen (like the $500,000 BMW on the left), you can store it Today, in the form of WATER.

Don't store dangerous Hydrogen, make only as
much as you need, when you need it!

With HHO gas, you are manufacturing Hydrogen and Oxygen ON DEMAND, so nothing is stored in tanks and there is no dangerous compressed hydrogen gas.

key in ignition

Just turn the key ON, and the Power Cell begins making HHO Gas, turn your car OFF, and it immediately stops. Simple, elegant, and designed to Save You Money!


WHY You ABSOLUTEY NEED This Technology!

What our revolutionary hybrid water power system can do for you:

  • Significantly reduce your gas bills! Do you realize what it would mean to double your mileage? If you get around 340 miles per tank, you could drive almost 700 miles for the same amount!
  • Steam Clean the Inside of Your Engine. The HHO gas adds tremendous energy to your existing gas or diesel fuel - after it combusts, it turns back into water, cleaning carbon and old sludge off the inside of your engine like a rubber spatula scraping a chocolate cake mix bowl!
  • Practically eliminate Emissions from your car! We've seen guys put a white rag on their exhaust pipe- before turning it on the rag turns black from soot and unburned hydrocarbons in 6 seconds! AFTER turning it on, the rag is white and clean!
  • Increase the Horsepower of your engine! Now, you're not going to turn a Honda into a Top Fuel Dragster, but you will notice more PEP and faster acceleration from stop lights, as well as better running at highway speeds (we find it's easier to pass someone at highway speeds- making it safer to have one in your car).
  • Dust off the SUV's and Pick ups again! Feel good about driving your safer vehicle because you're getting the mileage of small car in your safe beast!
  • Be a Leader in your community- The first to set an example of responsibility in your neighborhood. Water Hybrids are the wave of the future.
  • If you like to build and install them - you can have MORE Business than you can handle in this fast growing industry. Do it as a hobbyto help out with the bills, or create a full time business! This industry is a baby still and most people have never even heard of it making YOU invaluable!

What Others Are Saying....

"HELP! Gas is $5.72 a gallon here in Canada!"

...there are plenty of trees where we live (Canada) and it all could be fuel some day...but anyway, I had to tell you that it is now about $1.50 per liter of gas which translates to around $ 5.72 a gallon....can you believe that? Our car is screaming for one of those little wonder gadgets....we have an 80 liter gas tank and the math is around $120.00 buckaroonies!!!! Let me know if we can get an early sample...we'll buy it at full price....heck, we'll buy it at double price...dare I say triple price!...just kidding.

- Brian V. Victoria Island, CA

"My 10 MPG Gas Hog Immediately Jumped To 14 MPG! "

testimony7Fuel costs were killing me until I put my HHO Generator in this 2001 Chevy Express 2500. It’s a 3/4 ton Van with a 5.7 Liter engine. I increased my mileage 40%! I now save over $200 per month on gas, and it just keeps

Bob V. Pleasant Hill, CA

"I am a chemist... I know a well developed product when I see one, and I really appreciate the "head start"."

In the week or so since my purchase, I have built the plate stack (the Ace tongs as SS strap material is brilliant) and have purchased the solenoid from Grainger.  Due to your exquisite detail, I  am quite certain I can continue to muddle along with only the book as source material.
I am a chemist, so my research (after I build it your way) will focus on electrolytes.
I know a well developed product when I see one, and I really appreciate the "head start".

"Now getting 22.7 MPG and better all the time! "

testimony 3“This is my 1981 Ford F150, 302 V8, hydrogen cell installed, working great! Mileage increase of 67.4% (22.7mpg) and getting better all the time.”

"I Went From 19.6 to 30.5 Miles Per Gallon!"

testimony4 "My 2000 dodge Dakota truck has 260,500 miles. Before installing the HHO generator, I got an average of 19.6 miles per gallon. With the generator, a PWM circuit driving it, and an EFIE for the O2 sensors I now get 30.5 miles per gallon!”

"From 27 MPG to 38 MPG - our first HHO Generator!"

testimony 5“ I just ran my new HHO generator on it’s first run. We normally got between 27 - 28 MPG, but our mileage has now increased to 38 Miles Per Gallon- about a 35% increase! That’s great!”

"Dodge Turbo Diesel goes from 18 MPG to 32 MPG!"

testimony6 “I love my My 2004 Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel with Cummins Straight Six. But I only got 18-20 MPG on the highway. I was skeptical at first, but i thought I would try it because gas was killing me. I'm glad I did because now with my HHO generator, it gets 27 - 32 MPG’s! That's a lifesaver for my budget!"

CAUTION! There are those who are claiming 250% - 380% Increases In Mileage When using their Product. Sorry guys, but I have NEVER seen that dramatic of an increase with HHO Gas. That would be like going from 30 Miles Per Gallon to 120 MPG! Don't you think if we were already hitting those statistics, that it would be worldwide attention by now?

Be Wary of Over-Hyped products like that. Reality is that most people get from 20% to a high of about 130% increase which is more than DOUBLE your mileage

Is It HARD To Install? How Does It Work ?

They are not hard to install and our hybrid water powerconversion manual goes through every detail with our special "Visual Maps" that show you easy to understand illustrations and walk you through every step.

We show you how to do it in hundreds of original illustrations we all "Visual Maps" like this one below:

engine hook up

And don't worry if you think you might not understand how to do it. We worked hard to keep it simple so that every question you may have is answered.

electrical hook

We really want you to SAVE money, and help you be an active member cleaning up the environment along with all of us! Even the electrical hook up is a cinch as it leads you through step by step answering every question you may have. Follow our specially designed "visual maps" and do a world class installation first time!

Does It Work On Diesels and Turbo Diesel Engines Too?


Yes! It works great on every kind of car, truck, SUV, van, etc. You can even build larger models and put them in big rigs! They generally have a 2 batteries so you can really take advantage of the extra power avaialble.

big rigs

What About My Warranty?

Every day you drive your car, it gets dirtier and dirtier inside from gunk and carbon build up. Your engine currently is only about 20% efficient with most of the energy from gas being lost to heat. By installing an HHO gas generator, you immediately improve the performance and efficiencly of your engine, no matter how old or new it is!

The second you start running it, your emissions drop significantly! Unburned hydrocarbons are now burned up, particluates and and CO2 are reduced. This lowers the burden on your catalytic converter making this expensive part last longer! Your engine will burn slightly cooler because gas is burned up faster by introducing hydrogen, so the metal doesn't have as much time to get hot. ALl of these are GOOD things for your car.

To date, there have been no failures caused by using hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

Also, the conditions that may void a vehicle's warranty are specified in a law called the Moss-Magnusson Act which stipulates dealers cannot void warranties because vehicles have aftermarket parts. If the dealer can prove a particular aftermarket part caused a particular failure, they can disallow the claim for that issue only. For example, if your engine fails, the dealer can't refuse to fix it because the car has aftermarket wheels. However, if the engine has been modified, they may have a case and may deny the claim. We don't modify engines in any way.Go to our FAQ page for more information when you're done reading.

The hybrid water power system is easy to remove and re-install. If you are concerned in any way that your dealer may give you a problem honoring the warranty, than simply take a few minutes to remove it prior to taking it there. Pop it back in when you get home. No modifications are done to the engine itself.

Why Haven't I Heard Of This?

Remember, the GAS companies want you to keep paying high prices. They've dropped prices a little bit in the last few months, but they will be going up again. I just read an article today that OPEC is going to call an emergency meeting to discuss this major problem they have. The problem? People are using less fuel so prices are dropping! SO they need to call a special meeting and discuss LOWERING the Supply of oil, not the price.

Remember the story above about the man who invented the 200 mpg carburetor?

Here's the rest of it: As soon as his patent was granted, the Oil companies began putting in lead and sulphur which PREVENTED the gas from vaporizing in his carburetor AND coated the inside of it effectively ruining it on the inside. It was useless and the oil companies kept an important invention out of the hands of the public.

THAT'S why we are sharing this with you. The internet prevents the big corporations from hindering the advances in technology and allows these ides to FINALLY get out!

  1. When you order these e-books you become a member of a worldwide group of concerned people who want to take action to reduce cost and reverse global warming. Join the growing number of people who are fed up with the automotive and oil companies that do far too little, and probably never will.

  2. We give you all the information you need: we hold back none of the secrets that have been kept secret from you for many years. We hold no patents on this technology (they expired years ago) and you can even manufacture and sell the devices and systems without having to pay royalties to a single soul.
  3. We allow youto replicate the technology but you are not allowed to copy the contents of our copyrighted e-books or website.
  4. There is a huge demand for this type of technology.  People are angry at the oil companies and the politicians that allow this to happen - now you can offer a solution to them!

  5. You can build and sell these devices in your city and keep all the profit. Go Ahead - we want you to.
  6. We even include a detailed shopping list showing you where you can get every part needed to save you time!

So How Much Money DO You Think I can Save?

It's hard to give an exact number because quite frankly, every car is different. We've seen cars that got 40% and we've seen installs that more than doubled the mileage. Typically, you're going to get higher gains from a smaller car that is designed to be economical from the start. You can also use the same plans and build a second generator for your other car or put two in the same one for even better gains!

The beauty is YOU will have all the secrets and can make as many as you want saving you and your family tons of money. The important thing is to TAKE ACTION!

If you build it- you will save money, guaranteed. If you don't, we give you your money back, no questions asked.

OK, So Just What Am I Getting For My Money?

You'll be getting exclusive access to more value than ANY other Water for Gas system on the market today.

You will be able to download our fully detailed 154 page manual that details every single aspect from buying the parts, to assembling them, to installing. You will be the first on your block with the Power and Knowledge to Convert your car into a Water Hybrid!

book and dvds

SECOND: You'll have unlimited Video Access to over 105 Private Videos NOT available on You Tube. These are not shot in a fancy schmancy studio somewhere but are filmed in the shop as it is happening. We don't concern ourselves with "production values," adding chintzy canned music to the sound track or clever graphics and cute special effects. What we do concern ourselves with is providing substance (and we rarely get complaints about the quality of our substance).

WE ARE THE ONLY ONES , offering these videos with our books - and our books are not filled with 50 pages of fluff and duplicate material like others. All original research, pictures, and illustrations and filled with every possible detail you could ever need.

These are only available online - not sold in stores anywhere.

countries around the world

We are busy at work currently translating into spanish and other languages so we can spread the good news around the world to people in other parts of the world so they too can reap the tremendous benefits of this technology!

We've had customers ask us why we only sell online - why we don't offer a printed manual and DVD's. Well, quite simply, we could never offer you the incredible volume of material in printed form, not for such an affordable price as we do. Just think how expensive it would be to buy over 6 hours worth of DVD's not including the huge instruction manual and all the extra bonuses we offer you.

Plus, as technology advances and more break throughs occur, we'll update the manual and information. You will have continual access to new ideas at no extra charge as the manuals are constantly updated, which you wouldn't have in hard printed books.




In this amazing manual and video offer, you will discover step-by-step how to quickly assemble the powerful water fuel system, all using simple tools at home, and you’ll learn how to save tons of money every time you drive.

There are companies selling complete hydrogen generation systems that range from $1000-$1500 for a basic kit, to as much as $14,000 for an industrial sized one?

we realized that that was way too much for normal hardworking people to spend on converting their car - especially when you can build one that does the same thing for under a hundred dollars! And none of these systems teach you anything - they keep everything a secret sou can't even share it with friends and family.

SO why wait? You can enjoy ALL the benefits of a hybrid water power system right away, and you have access within minutes of purchase!

The complete manual and videos will teach you everything you need to know to put together a complete system and start saving gas right away!

ASSEMBLE Your Own Hydrogen On Demand System!

mechanicThe entire system can be built using tools you have around your house and you don't need to be a mechanic or electrician to do it!

  1. The Electrolyzer Container - Learn how to quickly assemble your container from easily available plumbing parts. You can adjust the size and length to fit your specific vehicle. Most of the parts cost cost only a few dollars each! Seperate units allow more flexibility in where to put it. High temp plastics make it much more durable than the breakable gas jars design that some people use.

  2. The H2O Plate Stack - We spent thousands of dollars testing different designs and threw most of them away! But we found one which was fast and easy to make and it produces gas like the commercial models!

  3. The Safety Bubbler/Filter - This all important feature is omitted in some designs is omitted in some other "inferior" models. It is a critical component that filters gas before it enters your engine and provides a safety measure as well. Easily constructed in just a few minutes of your time, and well worth every minute!

  4. Vacuum Gas Injection Hook up - Where and how you hook up your injection hose is critical. We show you the secret places that give the MAXIMUM amount of benefit!

  5. The O2 Sensor Mini-Computer - This breakthrough device teaches your car's computer how to utilize the new Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel that you are making. Without this technology saving gas is next to impossible!

  6. Mounting Hardware - Securing a place for your generator and keeping it there is important to do. We teach you the most popular locations and walk through the process.

  7. Electrical Hook-up - Most people have no experience with the cars electrical system- we demystify for you and make it so simple any can do it - even if you've never done it before!

All the Combined Knowledge of Years of Research And Development Are Yours In This Book And Video Series!

We teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and leave nothing out. Every critical piece of information we have discovered through thousands of hours of research and many thousands of dollars of money - are YOURS in this complete system!

Remember, you get everything described above. Everything you NEED to MAXIMIZE Your MILEAGE GAINS and get the highest GAS SAVINGS possible.

The all inclusive Manual will take you step by step into the world of breakthrough technology that will allow your fantastic ability to increase your mileage beyond anything you've seen before. The Videos series takes you through and Reveals designs and tests of Actual Working Electrolyzers in Real Time and Walks you through the process from building to assembly to installation.

The two compliment and work off each other to teach you things you've never seen!

The Incredible Offer


Can I Do this Without The Ebook and Videos?

You probably could if you spent the same amount of time and money researching as we did.

But WHY would You?

We did it so you wouldn't have to waste all the time and money to find out what really works and what doesn't. Rest assured, there is a LOT that doesn't. In fact, there are more well-meaning but ill-informed people out there than ever before. There's a reason their advice is free - they're still struggling to figure it out on their own.

If your Free time is worth anything to you, then you will appreciate the fact that we invested ours for you, so you can spend the least amount of money for the BEST increase in mileage, without WASTING you valuable TIME!

We guarantee this design will work or you get 100% of your money back!

What If It's Too Technical For Me To Build Or I Don't Have Time ?

We understand there are some that wonder if they can do this. Here's What We Recommend:

  1. Order The BOOK and VIDEO Series first. Read through them and then see how you feel.

  2. Make the decision of whether or not you want to build and install the system yourself or if you want others to make it and install it for you.   

  3. We also offer technical support if at any time you feel overwhelmed or unsure, you can contact us via email or post to our forum to get help.

  4. Buy it and have your family member or neighborhood kid help out and put it together for a few bucks.

  5. If you still feel you can't do it, print the manual out (the "Let's Build It!" and "Let's Install It!" section were designed for this) and give it to your local mechanic - he's LOVE to get his hands on this and (we'd be willing to bet!) even build a few of his own.

We recommend you read the Ebook first-don’t decide now.  Read them and whatever you choose after is OK, because you won’t lose a penny either way!

We offer you an Ironclad 60 day guarantee that you'll be able to put this together and Save Gas or we'll refund 100% of your purchase - you Risk nothing! Either way, now is the time to order, click below for immediate access.


What about Safety and Maintenance?

Everything is thoroughly covered in the Book and Video series - especially safety!

SAFETY: This was our number one priority when putting this book together - your safety was and IS our number one focus. Our design shows you how to assemble and build one of the safest units out there for the money. We even give you an insider secret on how to build an inexpensive Pressure Safety Valve that we now incorporate on all of our Power Cells.

HHO Gas is made ON-DEMAND. Nothing is stored or compressed in dangerous storage tanks like regular Hydrogen. You ONLY make it when you need it and when the car is turned off it instantly stops making it.

Because it's hooked up to your air intake, it never builds any pressure up - it is instantly used as it is made. It's engineered to make only as much as the engine can use and no more.

Maintenance: There is very little maintenance needed with this system. Simply check the water level from time to time and add a liitle water as needed.

The parts are very robust and should not need replacement, but if you do need new ones they are easy to find and replace.

We Believe that a liitle bit of maintenance is worth saving thousands of dollars in gas a year- and we think you'll nod your head in agreement with us!


You Can Even Make And Sell Them As A Part Time Or Full Time Business!

We have people every day that call us and ask if it's OK to make and sell these to there neighbors, family, and friends! Our answer to them is the same as our answer to you: YES! This product is so new that most people have yet to hear about it!

You could easily supplement your income and even replace it if you wanted to! People are looking for any way they can save gas in this kind of economy, and you will hold the very answer to one of their BIGGEST problems - the cost of gas and its impact on their budget.

Imagine what a hero you would be to anyone struggling to meet their daily budget!

And when they find out it not only SAVES them money, but also helps SAVE the environment, they'll beat down the door to have you build and install one for them!

We make and install them here locally and currently have a waiting list of over 16 vehicles scheduled. How many would you need to make a difference?

Valued At OVER $550!

BONUS #1 - The Secrets of The 200 MPG Carburetor

high mileage bonus 1 Discover Pogue's secret technology that scared Oil Companies so bad they had to reformulate all their gas to prevent it from working!

We've assembled the patents and secrets of the 200 MPG carburetor that Pogue invented. Maybe you will find a way to apply it today!Then we researched and included even more HIGH MILEAGE and GAS SAVING ideaspacked into this book.

We even include phone numbers of companies that make products not offered in stores. You can SAVE even more by installing these various products we've found for you

Value: $49.95 - Yours FREE


BONUS #2 - 100% Water Car Plans

meyers  bookAs you read this there are hundreds of experimenters around the world trying to develop a car that runs on 100% Water.

Most of their work is based on the revelations of this man - Stan Meyer. The only guy to ever accomplish it and patent the ideas back in the 70's.

It is rumored he was murdered the day he was to sign a 50 million dollar deal, and his secrets disappeared. No one has been able to duplicate it yet

This book has some of his patents and the articles concerning his secrets.

Value: $59.95 - Yours FREE!



BONUS #3 - The JOE Cell Revolution

joe cellJoe reportedly went underground after threats from men in black suits to stop his research into these special designs of electrolyzers.

Something extraordinary occurs when you go through a "charging" process he describes. Apparently the car will eventually run off the energy created by the cell making it more efficient than any other design.

A few others have built it as well. This 150 Page Book is the most authoritative, in depth book available.


Value: $79.95 - Yours FREE!


BONUS #4 - Four Fun "HOW-TO" Booklets

4 free booksJust for Fun! Iif you are serious about Hydrogen Gas, you HAVE to shoot off some bottle rockets! We show you a cool launcher you can make!

We also include how to make pure water using a solar distiller and get the water you need for your generator FREE!

Last 2 books are for the serious researcher! Measure your HHO gas for improvements in designs. Build An EFIE from scratch and SAVE gas with your HHO generator!


Value: $37.95 -Yours FREE!


BONUS #5 - IRS Will PAY You To Do This!

irsThis Little known SECRET will allow you the unthinkable! The IRS actually allows you to Write off the cost of adding an Alternative Energy Device to your car. Hydrogen is one of those!

AND they allow you to deduct the Cost of Installation as well! You could have all these BENEFITS FOR FREE!


Value: $29.95 - Yours FREE!

BONUS #6 - Free Technical Support

operatorWe offer you FREE Technical Support in accessing your manuals, Videos and all videos.

We also offer FREE technical support in the building, and installing of your HHO Generator and Gas Saving Device! You can use our Forum or direct email for any questions you have directly related to the building or installation!


Value: $297-Yours FREE!


OVER $550 In Additional BONUSES For You TODAY If You Buy NOW!

OK- Here Is How To Get Started Right Away!

Simply Click on the on the Red Button Below and follow the easy instructions to Get Instant Access to your powerful Manual , 105 Videos, And ALL the bonuses outlined above! All Major Credit Cards and Paypal are accepted. Your purchase is protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There's no waiting, since everything is downloadable you'll gain instant access to all materials - you won't even have to wait for shipping (no charge for handling either!) and you can begin TODAY to start saving gas.

The books will soon be available in 9 different languages including English Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and German.


What will happen to your gas budget if you don't? Think about how you will be kicking yourself in six or eight weeks when you didn't follow through and at least try it.

Imagine all the money you would be saving already and all your neighbors, family and friends clamoring to have you build one for them!


Bob Volk
Founder, fellow researcher, inventor, consultant,
and author of the Hybrid Water Power Project
CEO, Transitional Technologies, LLC

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Pittsburg, CA 94565
Office/Fax: (925) 427-1000

We have moved into a much larger building in Pittsburg to expand manufacturing.

P.S. If you want to keep up with new technology as it changes, you can email us and we will let you know when our free newsletter gets up and running- you won't want to miss out...

You were obviously serious about doing something to help save gas or you wouldn't have found us in the first place. Knowing that, don't you owe it to yourself to give the hybrid water power system a try?

Remember, I take ALL the risk. If you don't like it, you get your money back - every penny.

Don't waste one more dollar on gas than you have to - Buy It NOW while it's still fresh on your mind (before you forget where you found this website)!

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