Run Your Car On Water

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This HOT Topic is Popular around the world because of the outrageous gas prices, and people are hurting and desperate for ANY solutions.

This is the FIRST Manual and system to combine both the Written,illustrated word AND over a hundred Video instructions for people to follow. The book is concise and well illustrated with hundreds of original photos and illustrations. There is a TON of free Information (3 EXTRA Books, 4 "HOW TO" Booklets, PLUS Important research information and a FREE Mileage calculator.

You get to offer A LOT of Value for the money (almost $500 worth of products!). People are earning $5,000, $10,000, and some even more than $40,000 every month selling comparable products in this HOT market.

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STEP 1) Sign Up For Free at ClickBank to get a "Nickname". They will ask you your name/address, SS#, etc. because they track every sale and automatically set aside your commission every day. Then every 2 weeks they cut a check and send it to you (they don't take any taxes out- that's your job at the end of the year). It will look like this:


You will be asked to verify your email, but other than that YOU ARE DONE at Click bank after this. You do NOT need to enter in any more info. You do NOT need to fill out any other forms of theirs. All you need to do is finish this one page application and get out of there.

STEP 2) Now that you have your ClickBank ID - What do you do next?

Many Ask me "Where do I put it?", "I can't Fnd a Form!", or " Where do I sign up now?

There is no other form to fill out. That's where it's a little confusing for many. The Very next step after getting your "NickName" is this:

Insert YOUR Nickname into the following "Hoplink" below...

(A hoplink is a fancy name for a web address that is like a special detour. It takes people to our sales page but "THROUGH" your hoplink, so you get credit for it)

Replace the "AFFILIATE" with your new nickname. So for instance, let's say you chose Waterpowerdude as your nickname. Your new "hoplink would look like this:

WHERE do I enter this in you ask? Don't waste your time looking for somewhere on this page or any other page to enter this in. You don't need to. What I recommend is writing this down on a piece of paper or just open up Microsoft Word or Notepad and write it down so you don't forget it.


OK- do you have it written down somewhere? Let's go to the next step...

STEP 3) Now, if you wanted you could print this address on business cards or flyers right now. It works already. Just like this...

business card

If you gave that to someone and they typed it into their web browser, it would automatically take them to our sales page like this:


If they bought the manual, YOU get the commission. See how easy it is? You're done if you want to be, OR you could dress it up a bit by getting your OWN domain name. Let's do that on our next step...

STEP 4) Getting your own Domain Name- WHY? A lot of people get a little nervous typing in a long web address like your hoplink ( ). If they type it in wrong, you won't get the credit. So there is a really cool way to change this...

Go to, get a domain of your own (it's only about $10 for a year). Get creative- find a name that has to do with this product (like or somethinglike it).

Don't get a name like - you get the point...

Try to stick with a .com or .net most people feel comfortable with those. If the names you are looking at are taken, try adding - in between the words like "", but try to keep it simple if you can. Simple is best.

Once you get a domain name, follow our steps below to "POINT" that domain name to your hoplink. I'm not going to go over that here- just scroll down and follow step by step - you will be able to do it.

STEP 5) Now, print your new DOMAIN name on your cards or flyers to give out or even mail to your neighborhood. You can even put it on craigslist (free -once a week) or advertise in your local paper or Pennysaver. If you have a domain name, and you set it up to point to your hoplink, your new cards will look like this:


Do you see how much more professional that looks? You will get more people willing to check it out because it looks official.


You can now get your domain name into as many hands as you can. After fees, you get about $45 per referral. Every 10 books gets you $450. EASY money for you and you're helping people to boot! It can't get any better than that...


1) But I don't want a website. DO I have to get one?

NO! Just get a domain name- you do NOT have to have a website if you follow the instructions below to "point it" through your hoplink.

2) How much does it cost to do this?

It's almost FREE. The only cost is a domain name and a little bit of your time. SIgning up at clicbank costs nothing, nada, zilch.

3) But where do I enter my hoplink?

Nowhere, UNLESS you have your own website. That's beyond the scope of beginners and this section. If you are already an affiliate marketer, your nickname would go here:

<a href=""
     target=_top>CLICK HERE</a>

Replace AFFILIATE with your hoplink.

4) OK. I've got my hoplink, and I got a domain name. Now what?

Simple-Go to godaddy and point your domain name to your hoplink. After that, just print up your domain name on cards or flyers like I show above-you don't have to print up your hoplink, ever (if you have a domain name).

After that, just pass the word around. Or give them to your friends and family. The ball is in your court on this one, which is why we pay such high commissions. Do a little work- make a lot of money to help out with bills, new vacation, Christmas gifts, New Car, or whatever. You're only limited by your time and motivation.

There are people making over $5000 a month without a lot of effort (that's only 100 books).

5) Can I pay someone to set me up for this?

We actually offer a service now to do this. We do EVERYTHING for you. Check it out here... Affiliate Starter Package

GOOD LUCK! Now go out and make some money for yourself....


  • Login to (or wherever you buy your domain name)

  • After login you have a link on the right side "my account", click it.

  • Under "my products" select "manage domains".

  • You should enter an area called "domain manager".

  • Click the domain name on the list under "domain name".

  • In the main menu there will be an icon (green arrow) titled "Forward". Click it.

  • Now you have three green tags: forwarding, masking, help.

  • In the "forwarding" tag choose "enabled".

  • In "forward to" line, type your COMPLETE ClickBank hoplink (the one you've created in previous steps).

  • Under that, select "301 Moved Permanently"

  • In the "masking" tag (I recommend) select "mask domain" - this means that what the visitor will see is YOUR domain (such as instead of the hoplink.

  • OPTIONAL: in the "title" box add a short website title, such as "run your car on water" or something like that, no longer than 10-12 words in all.

  • OPTIONAL: in the "keywords" and "description" boxes add keywords and description as you like. This is important for the search engines. For best results use words that actually appear on the page ( such as hydrogen, fuel, gasoline, water, car, etc. This part can be longer than the title, about 150-200 characters in all for the keywords, plus 150-200 characters in all for the description.

  • Click the orange OK button.

  • If you're getting an error message, check what went wrong. Especially the forwarding link must be clean, which is to say no extra spaces, correct spelling - verify every dot and every character carefully.

  • Once you have that done, wait for activation (a few hours, I think).

  • Check your domain name for proper function. Type it in any browser - it should display your HYBRIDWaterPower sales page. Anyone purchasing through this page - gets you commission!


    1. Get 250 FREE Business cards at VISTA PRINT- do you think you could get 1 in 10 people interested in this valuable manual?
    2. Flyers are cheap! Get some run off at KINKOS or your local copy center and pass them out (one man was handing out tons of flyers during intermission at the local drive-in!)
    3. Advertise in your local Pennysavers or free mailers
    4. Get 1000 inexpensive postcards printed at imagemedia for only $150. Send them out locally
    5. Get Doorhangers made and pay someone to distribute in various neighborhoods


    1. Create a "Landing Page" that is essentially a one page sales letter with your hoplink in it. Get your own special domain name inexpensively at
    2. Use Google Adwords and Yahoo Network to Drive traffic. You can use other, less expensive online search engine advertisers as well, but Google and Yahoo are the top traffic producers.
    3. Search for automotive related sites or gas saving type sites (NOT selling competitive products ) and off to put a text link or banner ad leading to your landing page
    4. Exchange links with others in similar categories.


    ToolBoxGo TO the TOOL BOX for more TOOLS to use as an affiliate marketer!

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