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    Use these tools we've created below to help you make more sales!

    You will find a variety of them that you can use, and we will be adding more in the coming weeks...


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If you are going to market online, you need to use keywords that people are are using when searching for this type of product. I have collected some great keywords from various sources to help you market efficiently - for a full list go here


hammer USE OUR Powerful VIDEO DEMOS!

People LOVE watching videos! Sales pages that have them increase their conversion ratios dramatically. We have taken the time to put together some short demo clips that you are free to use in your marketing efforts. Make sure you check out our totally unique MICRO ROCKET video - the smallest HHO generator on the planet!


Stay tuned for more demos in the near future. Feel free to embed these in your website sales pages to help your conversions!  



Visual graphics and aids are great for grabbing attention. Make your own like the ones below for free at then "LINK" them using your affiliate code. No one sees the code, they just click on the pic! It's so easy to use - once you generate a banner, click on the code to the right and copy it into your webpage, then make it a link with your affiliate code. Feel free to use one below or make your own!

Banner Maker

Banner Maker


Banner Maker

Banner Maker

Banner Maker


Banner Maker


hammer Print up professional looking business cards

Get 250 free business cards from Vista Print - Their cards are high quality. The 250 free cards deal is there all the time, and from time to time they have other great offers. The free deal lets you choose from 42 designs, and the shipping is only $5.99 at the time of writing. You design your card online so you know exactly how it would look before you pay.

Keep a stack with you in your car and pass them out whenever you fill up your tank at the gas station- give people hope when they are the most frustrated! Maybe even talk to the gas station attendant and work out a deal to have him pass them out for you for a small fee.

hammer PRINT Media- Flyers and Brochures

Design flyers or brochures and have them printed with your affiliate ID or domain name. GO to local parking lots and malls and place them on cars. If you are too busy, pay a local high schooler or neighbor to distribute them around the neighborhoods. The folks at can help you design and print them- they'll even help with a logo if you need it!

hammerPRINT Media- Postcards

This is one of the most ignored ways of marketing by those who don't understand it! Postcards are cheaper to send than letters, and they are always read because people glance at them quickly without having to open an envelope. You can buy a mailing list of people to send it to, or send them to specific zip codes. For instance, if you know local areas where people have to commute a LONG way to work, send postcards to those zip codes! Chances are they are screaming for a way to save gas money! If you buy a list- buy one that has owners of BIG vehicles for instance or hundreds of other variables...

I recommend

I use them and they are definitely the largest database around with over 210,000,000 consumers, 12,000,000 executives, and 14,000,000 businesses (phone verified), you will have plenty to choose from. They offer 100 FREE sales leads for new customers!

hammer Social Media Marketing

socmktgIf you already use MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mashable, Yuku, Friendster, hi5, Piczo, Bebo and YouTube, StomperNet reveals how the market conversation can start before your visitor reaches your site.

As you know, Social Media/Networking sites are now a staple of the internet, and they're here to stay. But what you may not know is that a lot of these sites are growing faster than the Search Engines and they control larger amounts of more targeted traffic.

The videos show you many different ways that you can join in this social arena and ethically garner massive amounts of attention, and enter into direct and powerful conversations with your potential audience. In 2008, Social Media/Networking sites are going to provide floods of traffic and attention to the people that learn how to effectively and ethically operate in that arena.

Check out the free video below about using this powerful medium.

Social Media Marketing Video

hammer Search Engine Traffic

If you're going to market on the internet you need to use the best search engines. Most people are already familiar with Google and Yahoo Seach Marketing. If you are not, go to their sites and sign up. There are others that you can use to buy cheaper traffic, but most people are using these two...

GOOGLE Advertising

YAHOO Search Marketing

hammer LEARN Google Adwords from a PRO

Many years ago, when I was newly starting out in the internet marketing world, I sought help from various experts to learn the trade. Their services ranged from several hundred dollars to one seminar which cost me over $10,000 to attend. Everyone had their hand out and could smell rookie blood - they were all eager to take my money, except one!

Perry Marshall, the guy who wrote the book on Google Adwords and the guy most quoted for his expertise in this area, was running a $1500 seminar. I had applied and had investment capital from the business I had started. But Perry was honest and told me that I needed more experience first, I ws still getting my feet wet, so to speak. It was best he said, if I took some time and got more experience first.

Wow. I was floored. The first guy to actually turn down money because he had integrity. I've never forgotten that. I still plan on attending one of his seminars, but now my time is crazy busy.

SO when I wholeheartedly recommend his Adwords Book as well as his courses, believe me, it's the best eduction you can get on the subject, unless you like to throw money away. Google loves it when people have no idea what they are doing....

guerilla mktgHe even gives away a FREE CD on Guerilla Marketing that you can get by clicking on the big lug to the left.

Not many things are free nowadays, but he will send it to you by going there and telling him where to send it.

When you know what you're doing, you will DWARF your competition!

So click on the pic or get there by clicking here!

But whtever you do, DON'T pass up the opportunity to learn from the master. His book is not expensive and can save you the money you spend on it in just one or two adjustments of your google adwords campaign.

Get his book The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords™ by clicking on the banner below...


If you re not sure whether you want his book or not, the next best thing is his FREE 5 Day course via email. I got this when I first started, and it's loaded with good stuff! Click the link to sign up for free to get started on your google education...

blackbeltIf you are a seasoned marketer (or THINK you are), then you need Perry's ultra advanced blackbelt course on adwords marketing. Sorry, no beginners here. You better know the basics or no entrada!

But if you have gotten pretty skilled, and need that extra competitive edge, here's the place for you to learn how to knock out your competitors and grab fistfuls of cash in the process. You my think your good, but Perry has been at this game a long time and has secrets you don't know, but definitely need!

Click on the Karate Kid to go there and learn what you been missin'!

If you like informtive newsletters, his renaissance club is a great, inexpensive monthly resource and if you really are ready to take it to the top, sign up for his coaching programs where you can see the programs he uses and work personally with him to skyrocket your sales. This guy is all business, don't waste his time if all you want to do is party - work hard and find the hidden treasures! He will even take you on face to face if you think you have what it takes. His One on One coaching style is rare these days, and while he's not cheap, he does give results. Check out his mastermind club if you need to reach the next level in your business.

hammerArticles and Short Stories

One of the best ways to get traffic flowing to your website is by writing articles and posting them online at various sites. A leading site is with over 112,000 authors, they offer articles to webmasters around the world. Get the inside story at their site.

hammerUse Other Experts Help

If you need a website designed but lack the expertise. Or you would like to have articles written, but lack the time, here is a great place to get help. ELANCE is an online freelance type site with tens of thousands of people that have the skills you need, without having to hire an employee to do it. You sign up for free, and post what you are looking for, as well as your budget and timing. You will get people submitting their abilities as well as examples and budgets. If you find a match, great! If not, you don't hve to hire any of them. This is a great place to go for help if you don't have a nephew cousin or son who knows programming and web design...

hammerAnd Speaking of Experts...

If you are relatively new in the affiliate marketing world, or you've been doing it for some time but want to take it to the next level, here's one of the fastest growing up and coming affiliate marketers out there. Jonathan is hugely sought after and demnds big bucks for his services, which his clients gladly pay because of the value he brings to the table. He gets flown around the country by clients he works for, and yawns if there is not at least five figures involved. He currently works with major players out of New York and San Francisco. He will coach you too but demands (and Gets) top dollar for his services.

If you want to learn from the best, check out his blog! to stay up to date with what's happening in the affilite marketing world.


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